President Message

President Message

Dear friends,

With great privilege and honor, I assume the role of President of the Telangana American Telugu Association for the next two years.

My sincere thanks to our Founder Dr.Pailla Malla Reddy garu, Advisory Council Chair Dr.Haranath Policherla and Co-Chair Dr.Mohan Reddy Patalolla and Past Advisory Chair Dr.Vijaypal Reddy garu for the presidential nomination. I take immense pride in having the opportunity to serve the Telugu people and the Telangana community in North America.

We are on the path to becoming the most premier organization. The foundation of our success was built upon our strong leadership, dedication, and strong community. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a group of dynamic leaders and volunteers who always strive to serve our community first.

The mission statement of the Telangana American Telugu Association (TTA) is “TELUGU KALALA THOTA TELANGANA SEVALA KOTA” Using this as our theme; we are introducing the following strategic initiatives:


  • Foster the Telangana culture for the next generation through hosting and celebrating Telugu festivals across the country
  • Protecting our communities in the most vulnerable times by forming a task force and a 1-800 emergency hotline as a first-line response
  • Enhancing community service outreach through offering immigration services, domestic violence legal assistance, and food drives
  • Design and implement a career preparation program for Telangana students to break into information technology, business entrepreneurship, and stem fields
  • Expand the TTA Seva Days 2023 to improve access to primary health and educational services in Telangana villages


In the coming future, with the strength of our ambitious organization, we can make an impact across the globalized Telangana Community. Our organization’s ability to serve our community is a unique gift that we will continue to expand.

Thank you

Vamshi Reddy Kancharakuntla


Telangana American Telugu Association.

Vamshi Reddy Kancharakuntla