The Adopt-a-School program is intended to adopt a school where minimum facilities in the schools are not available in my rural areas of Telangana districts. This program not only impacts on the lives and development of the learners in adopted schools but also on the quality of education and the sustainability of the school for generations to come. We aim to spend three to five years in an adopted school and to foster a caring relationship between the Foundation, the funder, the school and the community to create a sustainable and meaningful impact in the schools and communities in which we work.

On a high level these are the areas identified for improvement in schools.

Primary Schools
  1. Benches for the students
  2. Digital classrooms
  3. Basic teaching material
  4. Toilets construction and maintenance
  5. Drinking water facility
  6. Backpacks distribution
High Schools
  1. Libraries
  2. Science labs
  3. Sports kits
  4. Fencing for the schools
  5. Toilets construction and maintenance
  6. Drinking water facility
  7. Providing sanitary napkins
  8. Backpacks distribution
  9. Tutoring at the time of exams
  10. Soft skills training